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  • Eugenia Cheng


Updated: Feb 22, 2023

LightOrigin Studio's cosmetic medical centre lighting project, CosMax, was featured in Amazing Architecture. Designed by Nelson Chow's NC Design + Architecture Ltd., the interior is inspired by mushroom caves symbolising growth, renewal and longevity.

A wellness haven located in business district centre of Hong Kong, CosMax is a cosmetic medical centre that aims to transport guests from the city's bustle into tranquility, allowing guests to experience a relaxing medical procedure in an otherwise stressful affair.

This is LightOrigin Studio's first design collaboration with the local architectural design powerhouse.

“We wanted to challenge the old concepts of a cosmetic medical centre,” says NCDA founder Nelson Chow. “It does not have to be a stark, clinical experience. You should feel cherished and cared for from the minute you walk through the door.”
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