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Wellness | Hong Kong​ | 2022

Client: CosMax

Interior Designer: NCDA

LightOrigin Studio Design Team: Eugenia Cheng, Ivan Zhang, Oliver Cruz

Photography: NCDA / Common Studio

A wellness haven located in centre of Hong Kong, CosMax is a cosmetic medical centre that aims to transport guests from the city's bustle into tranquility, allow guests to experience a relaxing medical procedure in an otherwise stressful affair. 

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with two large artificially illuminated skylights, gracing the interior with a veil of soft light. The colour temperature of 3500K for the artificial skylight and 2700K for the general architectural lighting were carefully chosen as a reminiscence of natural caves. To create a spa-like environment, from the reception area to the passage leading guests between the various rooms, the architectural luminaires and light levels were kept to a minimum so to be inline with the interior's minimalistic approach. The indirect linear illumination provide different vertical light layers while further emphasising the smooth and soft architectural curves. The low level lights in the consultation and relaxation rooms provided guests a sense of serenity,

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