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Restaurant | Hong Kong | 2018

Client: Leading Nation

Interior Designer: StanleyKC Design Studio

LightOrigin Studio Design Team: Eugenia Cheng

Photography: Susana Yeung

Wagyumafia HK, the first outside of Japan, is an omakase kitchen with a menu specialising in Japan’s world-renowned beef.


Upon entry, guests are greeted by a dark bronze contemporary omakase high counter. The suspended gold bronze track lights along the perimeter illuminates the table top evening, while the under counter linear light deflection from the dark metallic backing elevates and makes light of the heavy table top. The omakase table immediately establishes itself as the main focal point.


Facing the dining area on the south elevation is the bar and meat display. Suspended track lights add dramatic accents to the bottles and produce. The slim linear uplights integrated within the hanging shelf further elaborates it’s presence within the interior.


Minimal general downlights are used to create a dimmer environment. The high contrast between the brightly tables, bar, meat display and the darker circulation space creates an upscale intimate dining experience, inline with the restaurant’s intention of high-end exclusivity.

Transition splace from Wagyumafia to Mashi no Mashi was simple; one accent light was placed above the wine tasting island to draw focus, while the spill and reflected light from the metal flooring and white walls provide a soft ambience.


Mashi No Mashi takes on a different lighting approach as the interior intention was to resemble a lighter, friendly high street ramen bar.  The trimless linear light is housed within the L-shape metal bulkhead, illuminating seamlessly the ramen counter. The under counter light provides a strong emphasis on the blue indigo-esque mosaic tiles, striking colour against the white interior background. The cooler warm white lighting colour temperature illuminates the light wood furniture and finishes, creating a welcoming dining experience.

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