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Restaurant | Hong Kong | 2023


Interior Designer: METAGRAM 

LightOrigin Studio Design Team: Eugenia Cheng 


LightOrigin Studio and Metagram collaborated to transform TGR (The Grill Room), a renowned Hong Kong Steakhouse, with a focus on creating a new brand identity and enhancing the dining experience. The lighting concept aimed to achieve warmth, color, modernity, and balance.

The entrance features a curved wall made of decorative concrete blocks that provide glimpses into the dining area. These blocks are illuminated with uplights, creating captivating shadows and inviting patrons to explore further.

The main dining area is a grand open-ceiling hall divided into three zones. The first zone is an upscale space, the second zone features circular booths, and the third zone is a dynamic area near the open kitchen.

Additional intimate areas include a private dining room, a side seating area, and a grand bar where signature cocktails are served. The bar design features towering arches made of curved steel, finished in glossy black paint. RGBW LED light strips create vibrant colors, while neon orange lighting adds warmth and excitement.

The reflective black surface from the bar extends throughout the space, complemented by black trim frames. The private dining room showcases a wine shelf with built-in linear lights, creating intriguing reflections. Custom-made oval pendants with glossy black discs and suspended New-Gothic pendant lights further enhance the design.

Materials with textural and raw qualities were chosen, such as taupe-painted cork on the walls and a mix of patterned tiles and marble on the floor. Joinery incorporates black veneer, oak timber, and rustic green stained veneer, adding depth and character.

Lighting plays a crucial role in accentuating architectural features and creating ambiance. Warm-toned lighting with high color rendering is used throughout. Decorative pendants provide a soft veil of illumination, while narrow-beamed accent lights add depth. Ceiling coves and built-in lighting outline finishes. Different lighting modes cater to various dining and event settings.

The project faced a tight timeline of 90 days. All architectural lighting fixtures were locally sourced, and decorative lighting was custom-made or sourced locally. LED fixtures with dimmable COB modules were used to save energy. Timers and digital dimming controls were implemented. Lighting circuitries were designed to minimize power supply quantities.

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