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Restaurant | Hong Kong | 2018

Client: NHAU

Interior Designer: METAGRAM 

LightOrigin Studio Design Team: Eugenia Cheng


The brainchild of renowned Chef Que Vinh Dang, Nhau serves Vietnamese classic cuisine with a modern twist, paying homage to classic vietnamese dishes with a contemporary palette.


Inline with the dining concept, the interior design is to evoke sentiment and memories of old Vietnam: 

bright yellow wall finishes, emerald green mosaics, light timber wood and bold pattern woven rattan furniture, with simple beige floral tiles, allowing guests to dine as though they are in the midst of Hanoi.


The lighting is designed to accentuate these cultural colours while illuminating traditional textures that allude subtly to heritage and cultural Vietnam.


Upon entering the space, attention immediately falls on the west elevation. Track lights are used to highlight the artworks displayed on the wall, thus inevitably drawing attention to the bright yellow vertical plane -  the signature and focus of the space. On the north elevation, adjustable downlights accents the light timber serving boards, while grazing the emerald tiles with a light veil of radiance.


Each table is also illuminated by the dark paper mache pendant to create a sense of privacy even amongst the intimate interior settings; while the private dining table is crowned by a cocktail of rattan baskets and olive-shaped glass shades. General lighting provides a humble glow for the furniture. 


Thin magnetic lights were incorporated within the bar’s delicate display unit, creating a harmonious and homogeneous illumination across the bar elevation.

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