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Retail | Hong Kong |​ 2022

Client: Natural is Best

Interior Designer: METAGRAM 

LightOrigin Studio Design Team: Eugenia Cheng, Ivan Zhang, Renee Chow, Oliver Cruz

Photography: Steven Ko Interior Photography

See our shortlisted project entry for the international lighting [d]arc awards 2022


Located at the basement level of The West Kowloon's Xiqu Centre, Natural is Best is an established snack food retailer. The new flagship store is a homage to Chinese Opera; a colourful theatrical approach to its interior aesthetics.

The lighting in particular is a marriage between soft and spot lighting effect.

The lantern's soft ambient glow located at the main Moongate Entrance warmly invites its customers; just as a Chinese Opera theatre foyer welcomes its audience.  Passing the second Moongate, customers transit into the main retail space where carefully curated narrow spot lights accent the different shopping zones to create a dramatic opera stage.  Each island are detailed with linear shelf lights to ensure well-illuminated products. 

Framed in the moongate are a pair of striking hanging sculptures printed on clear acrylic of celebrated Chinese Opera artists 譚穎倫 (Alan Tam) and 杜詠心 (Christie To). The colourful sculptures gently float above an illuminated platform, where the lighting create iridescent layers that draws the attention of shoppers and bystanders alike. 

The back of the store, as if like a stage, is the main feature of the design - a stunning artwork of 瓊花女 (King Fa Lui) a current and also celebrated Chinese Opera artist, framed and illuminated in a bold black circular frame, and protected behind mesmerizing coloured gradient glass. 

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