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Restaurant | Hong Kong | 2018

Client: JW Marriott

Interior Designer: Henmax Interiors

LightOrigin Studio Design Team: Eugenia Cheng

Photography: Susanna Yeung and LIGHTORIGIN STUDIO

Inspired by the tranquility of classic chinese gardens, Man Ho’s interior design is an artistic homage to traditional chinoiserie with modern touches. Modelled upon a classic Chinese garden, the restaurant’s design drew inspiration from traditional Chinese architecture, blending modern aesthetic values to exude timeless elegance. Private dining rooms with views are available to cater to different kinds of social events and intimate gatherings.

At the main entrance, guests are greeted by a calming water fountain, filled with carefully uplit lotus glass sculptures. High power wall washer and slim linear lighting graciously illuminates the auspicious chinese wooden gate and architectural features, welcoming them into the main dining area. 


Upon entering the restaurant, guests are welcomed by the champagne-colour tinted crystal pendant, while taking the centre stage is the ceiling’s wave of floral glass chandeliers, inspired by the flowers Morning Glory and Baby’s Breath which signifies auspice adorning the glittering sky. 


Each table is illuminated to provide accent lighting for the table centre pieces, adding emphasis to the beautiful chosen china dinnerware, while encouraging a sense of privacy for family and friends gathering. Balancing the ambience are the dimly lit general lighting which humbly illuminates the water lily patterned floor covering. 


Located on the east and south elevation, flexible linear lights and adjustable downlights emphasize the moon gate inspired marble wall portal and Ru Yi bar display. 


The overall warm lighting tone graces the interior with elegance, intimate and prestigious dining experience.

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