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Health & Wellness | Hong Kong​ | 2022

Client: Laguna City Medical Centre

Interior Designer: JJ Acuna/Bespoke Studio

LightOrigin Studio Design Team: Eugenia Cheng, Ivan Zhang

Photography: Steven Ko Photography, courtesy of JJ Acuna/Bespoke Studio


See our shortlisted project entry for the international lighting [d]arc awards 2022


Laguna City Medical Centre is a health and wellness establishment located in Hong Kong. The general objective of the project is to steer the impression of typical medical centres away from the commonly known sterile and often uncomfortable and daunting environment of health clinics. Via interior details such as gradient fabrics, textured paints, artful wall-covering, fresh plants and circadian lighting creates an environment that allows patients to relax and minimise the stress and anxiety often associated and felt at typical health and medical centres.  


Located in the lower levels of a mall, in contrast with the mall corridor’s overbearing cool white general lighting, the clinic’s entrance is brightly illuminated via warm white downlights, comfortably welcoming its patients into the reception and waiting area. To compensate for the lack of windows and daylight, a blanket of soft but bright warm white illumination glows from two large extruded oval-shaped artificial ceiling light boxes, creating a calming and friendly atmosphere. Fine lines of light in the ceiling outlines the organic curvatures of the interior architecture, softening the edges and promoting a sense of wellness, whilst highlighting earth toned plaster in a gentle gradient of light.

Transiting into the medical examination rooms, while cooler white light with high CRI were employed in the medical examination rooms for practical purposes, Coelux lighting systems were placed in each of the rooms to artificially reproduce the natural light and the visual appearance of daylight, encouraging positive patient-experience during medical checkups and procedures. 

Warm toned decorative wall sconces were carefully curated to create additional light layers, whilst providing warmth and style to the overall design. 


The lighting design, whilst focused on creating a new experience for customers in a medical centre, are truly user centric in the sense that it also has considered the wellbeing of the staff, where the gentle and warmer lighting creates a more relaxing mood and well-balanced work place in an otherwise fast paced and stressful work environment.

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