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Commercial | Hong Kong | 2018

Client: Golden Star Private Office

Interior Designer: Metagram

LightOrigin Studio Design Team: Eugenia Cheng

Photography: Susanna Yeung

A boutique office for a family holdings business, with a large terraced balcony.

The office is divided into several zones; an open desk area, private offices, flexible conference, lounge, dining, entertainment facilities, and an outdoor area with barbecue. 

The architecture features a clean veneer clad core and clad major walls. Each of these strongly orient the internal office spaces outward toward the balcony, sunlight and view. Private areas are carpeted to add a layer of softness and sound absorption. 


Upon arrival to the lift lobby corridor, guests are greeted by the featured legacy wall - a salon-hang displaying the company’s past and present achievements. The magnetic linear wall washers provide general illumination, and narrow-beamed tracklights highlight the artworks. The number "4" light box display shelf brightly illuminates the company's products.

The artificial skylight in entry foyer to create a welcoming ambience, while the main office is generously grazed with natural light by day thanks to the full width window and operable glass doors on the west elevation. By night, the space is illuminated by the magnetic track system with artificial linear profile luminaire and spotlights. High power linear light illuminated the long cabinets located along the main corridor, widening the visual perspective, with the light reflected from the vertical plane providing soft ambience into the space.

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