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Restaurant | Hong Kong | 2022

Client: FLAMES

Interior Designer: METAGRAM 

LightOrigin Studio Design Team: Eugenia Cheng, Ivan Zhang, Renee Chow

Photography: METAGRAM


Flames Hung To Road in Kwun Tong is the fourth and flagship restaurant by the Flames brand in Hong Kong and the second store designed by Metagram. 

Building off the success of the award-winning Flames restaurant in Whampoa - the design uses a matching palette of sandstone, blackened metal and terrazzo to recreate the atmosphere, now intrinsic to the Flames dining experience. 

For full Designer Statement check here


Inspired by Australian indoor dining,  Flame Kwun Tong's lighting design objective is a matrimonial celebration between natural and artificial lighting. Various illumination techniques were implemented to create and add different lighting layers to the space.

Upon entry, guests are greeted by the restaurant's large green centrepiece - the voluptuous 3metre-high fiddle-leaf fig tree. A popular indoor plant choice due to its easy maintenance, strategically placed artificial lights are designed  to compensate for the minimal daylight that reaches the centrepiece. Well positioned ceiling suspended tracks are equipped with warm-toned spotlights to accentuate the fine-grain textures and vibrant colours of the highly featured Australian sandstone, The bespoke Metagram-designed wall lamps are systematically placed to create light layers on the vertical surfaces. Narrow-beamed track lights accents each table, creating an intimate yet family-friendly atmosphere. Linear illumination emitted from the coves, shelf displays, under bar counter, and skirting subtly adds interesting visual volume to the interior.

Thanks to the full height windows and operable glass doors, one-third of the restaurant's interior is graced with natural light, and by night a soft graze of street light. Different lighting scenes with long fade in/out times are introduced for gradual transition between day to night. The high CRI luminaires are chosen to ensure each and every carefully curated dish and its ingredients are rendered to its true colours and aesthetics.

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