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Restaurant | Hong Kong | 2019

Client: Espresso Alchemy

Interior Designer: METAGRAM 

LightOrigin Studio Design Team: Eugenia Cheng

Photography: METAGRAM

The concept for the cafe was inspired by the rich red-brown colours of coffee crema. Using a white base to create an atmosphere of lightness and to reflect in maximum daylight, a selection of red toned materials, each with a unique quality to express different elements of the architecture.


The most visible element is the bar bench, positioned parallel to the mall corridor gives the frontage impetus and provides a strong visual edge to define the space. The under counter linear light further accentuated this, while the soft illumination gradient brings out the texture and geometry of the finishes.


The large curved curtain wall generously invites natural light into the cafe, grazing the interior with warmth and nature. The theme is carried into sunset with the use of warmer white lighting temperature so as to gradually ease customers into the evening. 


At the back wall is the long smokey red glass and antique mirror unit created to display products, providing a backdrop with ephemeral qualities and widening the appearance of the space. The light refraction of the coloured glass and light reflection of the antique mirror creates an art installation-like palette of iridescent reds.


Finally, the ceiling bespoked “V” suspended pendant lights was designed specifically to provide accent lighting for the seating and tables. White track lights were intentionally located above the pendants and provided general lighting to bring balance.

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