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Restaurant | Hong Kong | 2022

Client: Castellana

Interior Designer: JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio

LightOrigin Studio Design Team: Eugenia Cheng, Ivan Zhang, Oliver Cruz

Photography: Natalie Dunn 


Designed by JJ Acuna/ Bespoke Studio, Castellana is an award wining restaurant serving fine Piedmont cuisine, capturing the authentic eating pleasure of the Italian region uniquely situated at the borders of France and Switzerland. 

The first Hong Kong Castellana at Causeway Bay is also the first establishment outside the region. Apart from the food, the interiors carry the classical features of the original restaurant in Piedmont, which is housed inside a historic Italian castle complete with a church and room for monks. 


Designer James “Jj” Acuña and Dominic Cheung added a playful touch to the newest Castellana on Duddell Street. Mixing the old world and with the new, the two-story restaurant promises a rustic feel starting with the Chef’s Open “Cucina Di Casa” which allows guests to take part in the gastronomic passion poured into every dish. “We want the complete experience of the first-hand kitchen encounter from the wine down to the food. This enables a direct and intimate dining experience for any special occasion.”

Checkout the full Interior Designer's Design Statement article here.


Upon entry of the restaurant, guests are welcomed by the warm illumination tones,  a reminiscent of Piedmontese sophistication and warmth. 

Various lighting techniques were implemented to create different lighting layers, adding visual volume to the space,

Carefully positioned picture lights along the circulation spaces provides local  illumination on artworks while decorative ceiling pendants and wall lamps create eye-catching light patterns on the different interior surfaces.  

The indirect ceiling cove lighting provides a thin light backdrop while narrow-beamed downlighting accents each table, creating an intimate yet cozy 


​The restaurant's signature full wall wine and wine glass display cabinet is illuminated with concealed linear lighting, creating iridescent layers that captivates the appetite of guests and wine-lovers alike.

The high CRI luminaires were chosen to accentuate and liven, not just the vibrant interior decor, colourful area rugs and furniture upholstery, but to also ensure each and every carefully curated dish and its ingredients are rendered to its true colours and aesthetics.


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