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Restaurant | Hong Kong | 2023

Client: Artifact Bar

Interior Designer: NC Design + Architecture

LightOrigin Studio Design Team: Eugenia Cheng, Ivan Zhang

Photography: Common Studio

Artifact Bar is a speakeasy bar hidden within the basement of BaseHall Central, Hong Kong. Inspired by interior design's theme of rhythmic patterns of underground cisterns, our lighting inspiration is drawn from the underground cisterns' tranquil yet theatrical lighting atmosphere and ethereal ambience. 


At the secret entry, guests are greeted by circular windows reminiscent of industrial pipes, adorned with digital light art that signals the start of a captivating architectural and lighting journey. The passageway lighting is dim and subdued, evoking a clandestine abandoned industrial landscape atmosphere. Bespoke rotating decor lights resembling surveillance cameras add intrigue and welcome guests.

At the main bar area, guests are met with a mirrored ceiling that creates an illusion of infinite soaring heights and repetition of bold, sculptural rib-like architectural structures with strategically placed lights that add emphasis. The bar features a captivating circular skylight, emitting a soft glow evocative of sunset, transporting guests to an immersive visual and sensory delight. The seating booths are furnished with downward-lighting table lamps that accentuate and create a sense of intimacy and focus; soft linear lighting under the seats forms a dramatic runway effect. The private room continues the theme with pipe-like windows exuding radiance akin to the hues of sunset light. 


By fusing architectural mastery and creative lighting design, the bar offers an extraordinary and ethereal experience - the ideology of the paradoxical presence of the sun in an underground space, juxtaposed with the dimly lit surroundings, imparts a sense of surrealism, pushing the boundaries of imagination.

The project showcased environmental sustainability - the design aimed to minimise carbon footprints by focusing on local production, assembly, and sourcing for 90% of lighting fixtures. These fixtures utilised long-lasting LED technology and had easily maintainable and replaceable lamp sources and control gear. Architectural downlights used COB modules, while decorative lighting used efficient SMD LED strips, reducing energy consumption and generating heat. 

A dimming control system with timers was implemented during off-peak hours, and different scene sets were created for flexible lighting needs and extended lamp lifespan. Lighting software ensured compliance with international recommendations and local energy requirements, achieving well-lit spaces without excessive lighting. 

We were challenged by several hurdles for this project: The premises were situated in a basement with a restricted overall ceiling height. Furthermore, the space above the false ceiling was occupied mainly by building services, severely limiting the area available for installing lighting fixtures. To address this issue, our lighting design team collaborated closely with interior designer Nelson Chow and his team at NC Design + Architecture. We devised unique lighting installation strategies that involved integrating lighting fixtures within architectural elements such as wall features and furniture millwork. This approach allowed us to achieve a soft, indirect, and functional illumination effect. We strategically positioned minimal mini downlights with low wattages to provide supplementary lighting in darker areas and ensure compliance with building safety regulations.


Another significant challenge involved determining the optimal RGBW combination to replicate the colours and hues of a sunset through the circular skylight situated above the bar area. Our objective was to strike a balance between the brightness of the lighting feature and creating a visually captivating effect that facilitated comfortable direct viewing.

Artifact Bar 是香港中環BaseHall地下室藏匿的一家Speakeasy酒吧。室內師的設計靈感來自地下水池的韻律圖案,燈光則受到地下水池寧靜而戲劇化的照明氛圍和空靈氛圍的啟發。


在主要酒吧區域,客人會看到一個帶有鏡面天花板的空間,創造出無限飛躍高度和大膽雕塑般的肋骨狀建築結構的重複效果,而 strategically placed 燈光則突出了這些結構。酒吧設有一個引人注目的圓形天窗,散發著柔和的光芒,如同日落一般,將客人帶入沉浸式的視覺和感官享受中。座位包廂配備了向下照明的台燈,突出並營造出一種親密和專注的感覺;座位下方的柔和線性照明則形成了戲劇性的航道效果。私人房間延續了這一主題,窗戶的形狀類似於管道,散發出日落光線的色調。

通過融合建築技藝和創意照明設計,該酒吧提供了一種非凡而空靈的體驗 - 太陽在地下空間的矛盾存在的理念,與昏暗的周圍環境形成對比,營造出一種超現實主義的感覺,推動了想像力的邊界。

該項目展示了環境可持續性 - 設計旨在通過專注於本地生產、裝配和採購來減少碳足跡,其中90%的照明裝置選擇了耐用的LED技術,並具有易於維護和更換的燈源和控制裝置。建築筒燈採用COB模塊,裝飾照明採用高效的SMD LED燈帶,降低能耗並減少發熱。



在這個項目中,我們面臨了幾個困難:場所位於地下室,整體天花板高度有限。此外,虛假天花板上方的空間主要被建築設施佔據,嚴重限制了安裝照明裝置的可用區域。為解決這個問題,我們的照明設計團隊與室內設計師Nelson Chow及其團隊在NC Design + Architecture緊密合作。我們設計了獨特的照明安裝策略,將照明裝置融入建築元素,如牆面特色和家具木工。這種方法使我們能夠達到柔和、間接和功能性的照明效果。我們戰略性地放置了功率較低的迷你小型射燈,為較暗區域提供輔助照明,並確保符合建築安全規定。


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